NPF spokesman Jealousy Mawarire  says NPF leader Brigadier General (Retired) Ambrose Mutinhiri was not fired but reassigned.

“I should make it clear to you that Mr Mutinhiri was never fired. He remains a member of the NPF party only on a different position. If one is reassigned, it’s different form being fired,” said Mawarire.

He said the constitution in the party does not give anyone powers to fire anybody from the party.

“There is no one in the party who has powers to fire anybody from the party. He remains one of us and preaching the NPF gospel but in a different position,” he said. Mawarire said Rtd Brig-Gen Mutinhiri failed to be leader from the onset.

“He was never an able leader from the onset, but we gave him a long rope. That is why you see Eunice Sandi-Moyo was acting president even during Mutinhiri’s presence because we could see there were no results from the old man,” said Mawarire.

He said there was no place for former First Lady Grace Mugabe in the party, contrary to media reports that Mrs Mugabe wanted to take over leadership of the party.

“Both Grace and former President Robert Mugabe have got nothing to do with the party. They are just national icons we respect just like Nelson Mandela was respected in South Africa even after his resignation,” claimed Mawarire.

“When I visited the Mugabes we were together with Mr Mutinhiri and he can testify that no such thing as Grace taking over the leadership of the party was discussed,” he said.