Jonathan Moyo is not yet on the Interpol surveillance radar, with the organisation saying Zimbabwean Police have not yet met its stringent requirements.

Interpol's secretary-general, J├╝rgen Stock, is visiting Zimbabwe and he said that local police had to meet certain stringent requirements before their requisition for the politician’s arrest and extradition could be entertained.

“Interpol, of course, is providing services with regards to fugitive investigations that we are offering to all member countries in the legal framework of our statutes and constitution. So, we have specific rules that need to be applied and so all the requests need to be compliant with our Interpol system.

“Arrests are taking place almost on a daily basis all around the world. We have to make sure there is no safe haven for criminals and terrorist, so this is a very effective system, but I ask for your understanding that I am not here discussing any individual cases,” he said.