Mary Chiwenga has revealed that she has a thick skin but stays clear of social media.

“Cool, calm and collected. I believe that I am increasingly spiritual, I am a great wife and mother, a sensitive person, down to earth and a people’s person. Kindness knows no position. I think I have always been a person of interest even before being the Vice-President’s wife, I am no stranger to fame, neither am I a stranger to criticism. I take constructive criticism with kindness and I keep away from searching myself on the Internet and social media,” she told the Sunday News.

"Oh, Mrs Chiwenga is very laid back, from home to work and work to home. I don’t have much of a social life, I like it that way, no friends, just family. I also go to the farm with my husband and children when time allows.

“True, I married a loving man who has been on the cutting edge of history, both before and after independence, but to me he remains an affectionate, lifelong partner, a simple husband and a dear father to our children. Likewise, I remain a simple woman who is in deep love, and fortunate enough to be in a stable marriage, indeed a mother whose main duty and focus is the home firstly, my immediate community and of-course my country.

Being a former model helped me to develop an elegant, tailored look that is my own. I love the way I feel and I like to feel the way I love, I love clothes, and they are a personal passion and a requirement for my person. There are some who read a fashion statement in the way I dress, that may be so for them, for me, it is about being presentable and feeling great about myself, making sure in the same vein that my husband is happy with the way I am dressed. He is the centre of my attraction and the dress that makes him happy on a particular day and occasion is what I put on.

She said she did not have any political ambitions at all. “What keeps me going is fulfilling my role as a wife, mother and carer. Of-course, outside those roles, I am a businessperson. I like to drive myself, so I am not driven, I like music especially golden oldies and local music, namely music by Alick Macheso and Jah Prayzah. And when music takes hold, I express it through dancing. I also read a lot, both light and heavy, reading to ensure I remain current, I am not really a TV person.”