Tatenda Mavetera, who played the role of Tendai Jari in Sudio 263 has plunged into politics.

Mavetera is the ZANU-PF Seke-Chikomba women’s quota representative in the forthcoming elections.

The mother of two told The Herald :“After ‘Studio 263’, I got into farming and construction. I have also been working with the Zimbabwe Youth Council and ZANU-PF; with young people.
I have always been of the opinion that whenever there is any change you would like to see, you have to be directly involved in the processes. Considering that I have held many leadership roles, I realised that there was need for me to be involved, so I could implement the ideas I have on how politics should work,” she said.

“You can never be able to shake off your past, but it shapes you for the future. My past is a stepping stone for me because when people hear my name, it’s not like they are hearing a new name. And I believe being popular is a good advantage for me because people already know me and that way I can get legislative space.”

Public office will be a new chapter in her illustrious life, she says.
“In life no one stays at the same place, acting was one part of my life and this is the new phase I am walking into. What ‘Studio 263’ did, was to expose me to the country. Now I am capitalising on the fame I had, using the popularity to impact on people’s lives in a positive manner.
“When we acted, we were impacting on people’s lives and I believe in Parliament I will be impacting people’s lives but in a different capacity.”