Veteran broadcaster, Ezra Sibanda says he is still pained by the decision to deny him a radio licence.

“I applied for a radio licence two times, a national commercial and Bulawayo. I was denied both times. It’s so painful because I am a simple radio personality who loves his job and wanted to give people an example of a professionally run radio station which will connect with the people. I still need a radio station and I know I can do better for our listeners. There can be many radio stations but listeners can tell the difference between a real radio station and a wannabe. I hope the new dispensation will open up airwaves. Let’s have competition and the best will always take over the listening audience,” he told The Sunday News.

He lashed out at most radio presenters of today whom he said lacked originality. "You ask yourself, we left radio in 2002 but 16 years down the line people still remember us, they still remember Brenda Moyo, Peter Johns, Eric Knight, James Maridadi, Englam Nyathi etc because we were broadcasters. We took our job seriously and each one of us was clear of what was expected of them as radio personalities and we created our own identity. We were passionate and we are still embedded in most people’s hearts, look at how many presenters have been on radio since we were made redundant but listeners have forgotten them yet they still remember Ezra Tshisa Sibanda."