Expelled former Zanu PF Youth League boss Kudzanayi Chipanga is begging to return to the ruling party.

He has written a letter to President Mnangagwa and admitted his actions had “gone against the dictates of the revolutionary party’s ideology.  I am very humbled to write to apologise and do hereby beg for re-admission into the party.

“I know very well that I cannot alter what I did, it pains me that I have caused a mar in my record. I have learnt from my previous mistakes. I am still a young person prone to mistakes and I am still learning the ropes of life. As such, I deeply regret my actions and conduct. I am very sorry to the rank and file of the party for the troubles I caused during my tenure as Secretary for Youth Affairs.

“Words alone cannot express my deep regrets for my actions. I humbly request for the party leadership to kindly overlook my mistakes and forgive me. Your Excellency, I beseech you to pardon me and re-admit me as an ordinary card-carrying member.

“I know no other party other than Zanu-PF. It pains me to be cast outside the party. After going through this letter, I believe you will find room to forgive me.”
Didymus Mutasa is also begging for a Zanu PF return.