Chatunga Mugabe has failed to pay $12 000 in rent  for his Chitungwiza butchery and is now set to lose  property.

The Daily News reports that a writ of execution has since been issued for the attachment of Chatunga’s property, to be auctioned tomorrow. The order was given following an application filed by the owners of the premises, Bubbletech (Private) Limited, which is accusing Chatunga of breaching the terms of their contract.

Bubbletech entered into a written lease agreement with Chatunga for the lease of a property in Unit G, Seke, at a monthly rental of $400.

“Despite several demands, the defendant has failed and or refused to remedy his breach … The defendant’s actions constitute a material breach of the parties’ agreement and as such the defendant should be evicted from the plaintiff’s commercial premises situated at Makoni Shopping Centre, Chitungwiza,” the court heard.

Chatunga is now set to lose various items that include a fusion small plasma television set, office chair, office desk, one plastic chair, one small chair, one small broken chair, one small table, three display fridges, a c40 deep  freezer, two tables, a computer till, meat cutter, a working table and a generator.