MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa wrote to President Mnangagwa and asked for a government of national unity.

This was revealed by Information secretary, George Charamba. Chamisa told his supporters in Hwedza :“I wrote to (President) Mnangagwa offering him advice, but he refused fearing that I would grab power from him. I did that after realising that we could only take the country forward through collective leadership but he refused to meet me.”

Charamba said Chamisa had asked for such a Government of national unity. “Indeed, he wrote asking for inclusion in a Government of national unity, which is why he has given an example of Kenya – President Uhuru and Mr Odinga. In any event, at the material time and as indeed is the case now, Mr Chamisa was a contender for the leadership of their party who sought to improve his chances and upgrade his standing by looking like an equivalent of the President of Zanu-PF,” Charamba told the Herald. “He wasn’t then, he is not now.”

Mr Charamba said the Kenyan example Mr Chamisa was using did not help his situation.
“The example of Kenya he gives does not help his argument in that the Uhuru-Odinga understanding came after a democratic election and not before it,” said Charamba.

“Indeed, I am sure the President will be amenable to inviting Mr Chamisa after he has lost election – the same way Uhuru invited Odinga.