Socialite and radio personality Patience Phiri, says she is proud of her size and loves to show it off.

“We tend to be put in a box; women are lovers, mothers and sisters. Who said that as a mother, I can’t be sexy and I can’t be a lover? Being a mother shouldn’t stop anyone doing what they want, I have a great relationship with my son, he is a teenager and I will never do anything that will shame him.”

“We should move past the skinny and plus-size labels because it’s a very thin line we are crossing to body-shaming. If a woman is beautiful in the inside, she is beautiful on the outside,” she said.

“In Africa, we have women with bigger boobs, and wider hips, let’s celebrate them, while in Europe women are spending money to have bigger boobs and something we have in Africa. So, let’s celebrate our women and their bodies.

“I am a proud size 16, the bodies that we think we have and that we actually can be different and accepting your body is a journey. I am proud of what I have; call it whatever you want, I am proud of being a size 16,” she said.

“I am a proud mother of one — a son — who is my heartbeat; through him I see life in colour. I am also inspired by the people around me.”
She was speaking to The Standard.