I met gogo Mashumba for the first time on the 26th of August 2016 at Rotten Row magistrates court. In fact that was the last time I saw her until today because on that particular night I had to leave the country since the police wanted to arrest me for staging demos.

She was assaulted by riot police officers right at the entrance of the court. We all witnessed that morbid incidence and it was captured on camera. These images were published on main stream media and the others which did rounds on social media were captured using my fone.

For giving her help, I too was assaulted by riot police but I still managed to drive away with her. I took her to the hospital for medical attention because she was injured.

I was shocked to learn that two years later the state is refusing to compensate her despite the incontestable evidence. In fact they are even denying this ever happened. It's not only shameful but repugnant.

When the late, M. Tsvangirai visited her several months ago, things took a bad turn for her. She became a constant recipient of harassment from security agencies. She was evicted and life has never been the same. Meanwhile, some among us want to force us to believe this is a new dispensation. Patson Dzamara