Baba Tencen and Uncle Richie who were once sought after, have faded into the background.

Baba Tencen told Newsday through his manager,Tendai Joe, Baba Tencen that he had changed the way he worked.

“Baba Tencen is alive and doing well. He is not silent, probably changed the way we work and release material. Baba Tencen does mostly promotional work, which is paid for by his clients, but we, however, do not take every work that comes along,” he said.

“He can make a living without it, as he has ventures that give him more money than comedy. (He bought his first car this year, as proof). We are grateful to all his (Baba Tencen) loyal fans who are always writing to us using different mediums asking for new content, all we can say is keep checking Facebook.”

Joe said Baba Tencen will only come to Zimbabwe for showbiz at the invitation of promoters.

“Baba Tencen stays in South Africa, does his videos from South Africa, there has never been plans for him to host shows in Zimbabwe, unless invited by a promoter.

Baba Tencen has been approached by many people to make full length drama series for TV and DVD releases, the reason we have not taken up those offers, is because some of the people are just chancers,” he said.

“We have also rejected political campaign offers, because that is not our area of focus. Baba Tencen is natural as he comes, those who wish him to be a spent force can keep on dreaming."

Uncle Ritchie of the Zvirikumbifamba Sei fame said said he has been in and out of the country for most of this year.

“I was in Argentina and Brazil recently and of late South Africa. I have been doing weddings and performances mostly in South Africa and also examinations at University of Zimbabwe and South Africa,” he said.

“For now I am settling and planning to release a single just to test the ground. I will definitely start throwing some stuff on social media very soon.”