MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa said yesterday he was shocked when ZBC screened his Hardtalk interview.

“We had an interview in the UK, but l was shocked by the ZBC. They screened the interview, but they have never bothered to invite me as the leader of the biggest party in the country for an interview,” he told thousands of party supporters at a rally at Murambinda growth point.

He said many in the diaspora were keen to return home. “I met teachers, doctors, nurses and they said they want to come back home. l said that they should come after l have won the election otherwise they will come and work for nothing.

“They have learned a lot overseas. I visited high offices of the [UK] government, but l can’t name them and one of the issues l raised was that we should have a free and fair election [in Zimbabwe].

“We are not going into an election without knowing who is printing the ballot paper, who is to keep the ballot paper, who is going to transport and announce the result of the election.”

He said President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu PF would never win a free and fair election.