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A man who turned up to check his registration details was told by ZEC officials that he was dead.

Emmanuel Chateka of Chinhoyi was told that he died soon after registering to vote in the forthcoming elections.

Chateka said at first he thought it was just a mistake that could be easily rectified. But he was referred to the RG’s office in Chinhoyi to verify why he appeared on the exclusion list.

“It was devastating to be told that I’m a dead man walking. I was told to go and rectify the mistake with the registrar-general, which is taking most of my time when I should be fending for my family,” he told The Standard.

ZEC’s Mashonaland West boss Austin Ndlovu confirmed Chateka’s case, but said the RG’s office was the only department that was competent enough to deal with the issue.

“Yes, we received such a case and we have since advised the concerned person to go and rectify the issue at the Registrar-General’s office before coming back to register again,” he said.

Investigations revealed that Chateka’s case was not an isolated one.

Some registered voters in Mashonaland West have reportedly been told that they were dead when they tried to check their details on the provisional voters’ roll prepared by ZEC.

They have been told to go to the RG’s office to confirm their existence.