Vanguard boss, Shakespear Mukoyi has spoken out saying his rival Chalton Hwende is trying to muscle his way into the constituency.

“He is from Mashonaland West, but I have been here with the vanguard making sure the party’s image is maintained and restored to its former glory.

“I respect the leadership structure and if they do not want me to stand, they should come out in the open and say so.”

“We are having challenges in Kuwadzana and I feel people are plotting my downfall and yet my past record proves my worth. I have been in Kuwadzana since 1986 and I rose through the ladder from sheer hard work and love for my party.”

Mukoyi claimed that a senior MDC-T official had approached him saying if he stepped down from the race, he would be rewarded.

“I have a recording of the conversation and I am yet to hand it over to the chairperson,” he said.

Hwende refused to comment on the fallout, but said the elections had been postponed.