A Zimbabwean man has plastered his wife’s picture on a billboard in South Africa to show his love for her.

He wrote on the billboard “Somoya wam, Ngiyaziqhenya Ngawe, Uyathandwa (My soul mate, I am proud of you, you are loved).

“I wanted to make my wife feel special with the gesture. She had been on maternity leave for about four months and it was hard for her to leave the baby behind as she returned to work. I wanted to cheer her up through this gesture. These days we live in a world where grandmothers aren’t near to us to help her with the baby,” Nhlanhla Nxumalo of Bulawayo told the Chronicle.

“She was stressed because she was even contemplating not going back to work so that she takes care of the child. This was my small way to settle her mind and give her something to smile about and forget the stresses of being a mother,” said Nhlanhla who works as a technician.

Sindiso a lawyer at the East London Magistrate’s Court said it was unbelievable seeing herself on a billboard.

“I was on my way to the salon and I saw the picture from afar then I said to myself, this looks like me. When I got closer, I was shocked upon realising it was me. I was confused as to how this happened,” said Sindiso.