Zimpapers has not been issued with a television broadcasting licence, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe has said.

BAZ chief executive Obert Muganyura said Zimpapers applied for a content distribution licence, which was approved by the authority but the media group was yet to pay the required statutory fees for it to be issued with the licence. “We have not issued any television broadcasting service licence other than the one issued to public broadcaster ZTV.

“Early this year we flighted an advertisement inviting those intending to provide broadcasting services that do not require frequency allocation to submit their applications to the authority. We gave examples of such services as content distribution, webcasting and video on demand.

“That advertisement excluded applications for terrestrial television licences which in any case use frequencies. Zimpapers applied for a content distribution licence which essentially entails the distribution of content aggregated within or outside Zimbabwe and the delivery of that content is via satellite.

Essentially what Zimpapers applied for is a licence to provide services like Dstv and Kwese which is different from terrestrial television broadcasting licence.”