Activist Patson Dzamara has described Joana Mamombe as a beautiful woman who is not too young to lead.

Joana had challenged Jessie Majome who quit citing irregularities.

"I met Joana Ruvimbo Mamombe for the first time in 2014. I didn't meet her in a restaurant or upmarket bar. Believe it or not, beautiful as she is, I actually met her running along Jason Moyo street while protesting with my brother Itai Dzamara. Then, I could not understand why a beautiful young woman like her would take part in a protest considering how risky it is.

At that point I was Itai's photographer and a part of his support network. 

Along the way, Joana and I would interact and pursue common goals on several occasions. We became friends. She actually calls me tsano and I call her tsano too. 

I am not privy to all the details regarding what happened, is happening and will happen in Harare West where Tsano Jojo is seeking a mandate to represent that constituency under the banner of the MDC Alliance. What I know is what I will say. 

I have absolutely no ounce of reservation as far as her efficacy is concerned. She is ripe and ready for this challenge and I wish her all the best. She is not too young to lead and yes she certainly deserves a chance.