Struggling Baba Harare says he will never rejoin Jah Prayzah, insisting that the good times will come.

"My brother, the Jah Prayzah issue is now a closed chapter as we speak. Like I said since I left that year, I am now my own man and I still insist. I have learnt a lot as a solo artiste and I have plenty to show for it my brother.

"At my camp, we share what we get and my band members are content with that arrangement. We haven't lost hope that good times will come but we ought to work hard as a team.

"By the way, I always have time to explain to my team the vision we have and where we are going. What makes me strong is my Christian beliefs. I believe in prayer and nothing else and my time will come.

"At the moment, we are happy with what we get and we can't asking for what's not on the table."

Baba Harare told H Metro that he faced many challenges when he quit Jah Prayzah’s band.
"When I went solo, I faced many challenges as the (first) album failed to meet people's expectations," said Baba Harare.

"Despite the challenges I faced which prompted me to record a second album towards November the same year, I never thought of rejoining my former paymaster as was perceived by many.

"In fact, I was always in touch with him (Jah Prayzah) as my former boss but I never lost focus.

"I finally managed to win hearts of fans with the second album – Minamato YaRasta – which was well received by fans.