Prophet Makandiwa who torched a storm when he said he had done everything to go to heaven is standing by his words.

He told a Tuesday UFIC partners’ service that, “If you want a relationship with God, the requirements are there in the Bible. There is no other Bible to be written again. This is the will of God, everything that is required by God for you to enter Heaven is available in His word.

“I was telling youths on Sunday (service) that somebody was saying your prophet, he did everything to qualify for Heaven. His argument was that he has done everything necessary to enter Heaven.

‘‘Zvinhu zviri so clear, iwe wangonzi huya, ukandishaya waenda kuhell, hazvidi nharo unongoendako tinongomirira wofa towona. Why talk about everything when the Bible says you just have to believe in Jesus? I said ask him if believing in Jesus is not everything that is required for Heaven.”

“What then gives someone the right to go on a crusade calling people to God wausina shuwa kuti wakapedzerana naye here? At what point do you have to convert other people to a place that you are not even sure of iwe wacho? What gives you power to bring out speakers and do a crusade? Going where when you do not know yourself? 

“Salvation is not a joke, you have to be certain. Believing is everything and once you do that, you have entered Heaven.

“God said you are gods, friends not Christians (John 10:34). Christian was a good name but didn’t come from a good God. What you name you control; we were named by non-believers and that’s why they control us even on the internet.

“Another thing that we do in a wrong way is telling people to bring their lives to God. ‘We were dead in our sins, we come to him for life; we were desperate, lost and dead, so we should come so that He gives us His life.

“Therefore, it’s no longer I that live but Him in us. This is what will begin to eat curses in our blood, Kwete kunamata kunege njuga kwekuti unonyora manumbers aunongofungira, woti rega ndinovapa vanoziva vozosanganisa kuti number idzi ndingawinner here, no no.”