Former Higher Education Minister, Godfrey Gandawa says he fears for his life after he decided to stand as an independent in Magunje constituency.

In a letter dated May 13, 2018 to Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, Gandawa listed the names and telephone numbers of CIO agents who are allegedly threatening to kill him before the elections.

“I have been receiving anonymous calls and messages threatening me with death and insulting me since primary elections took place,” reads part of his letter to the ZHRC.
“Senior police officers at Magunje in connivance with the aspiring Zanu PF candidate have been sending a team of youths to harass my family, relatives and close associates so that they get scared and coerced to support their weak candidate.

“On the third of May, 2018, my brother Collins Gandawa called me and said he had received a worrying message from our young brother Ability Gandawa and he started persuading me not to contest as an MP for there is a plot to kill me by CIO Karoi.

“We had a heated argument and he said I should confirm this with Ability. I sought clarity from Ability who confirmed that I must be very careful since CIO has vowed to deal with me.”

On Friday, Gandawa was summoned by police in Chinhoyi on charges of threatening to kill a Zanu PF supporter and a warned-and-cautioned statement was recorded.