Former president, Robert Mugabe’s son has revealed what her mum thinks of her nickname Gucci Grace.

“Well she is saved in my phone as Gucci Grace (laughs) no I’m playing. I mean, she likes dressing nice and funny enough, she doesn’t even have Gucci in her closet so I guess it’s just because (of the) “G”. I like the name now cause a lot of people love Gucci, you gotta love Gucci, you gotta love Grace,” he said in an interview with Dexterity Radio.

He confirmed he was in a relationship but he was wary of gold diggers. “Some women would want, would expect to get with a man just for what he has; maybe not with me but I have seen it happen to my friends and to people around me.

 I figured ok, time tells. Be with someone or know someone for a years, hang out with them and they are gonna show you their true colours and what they really are, unless they are incredibly patient. There is no one who is gonna spend two years, three years with a man and not show what they really are and that’s what I’ve done with any girl I’ve been with. I’ve shown her the true side of who I am and what I offer not money theory but me and if she’s down with me she can show me she’s down and if she wants something else, I’ll see . . . it’s about patience, you can’t tell in two months, you can’t tell in six months. Time tells.