The model featured on Ex Q’s latest video says the huge tattoo on her left shoulder was a teenage mistake.

“When I was in school, I had a five dollar tattoo done because everyone in my click had one. Unfortunately, I reacted badly. So after school, I was referred to one of the best tattoo artistes, Roland, in Bulawayo and possibly Zimbabwe.

“I asked him to cover it up and I opted for roses and that’s what is all over my left shoulder,” Bulawayo-born Zandile Sibanda told the Chronicle.

She said her profile had risen ever since the video was released.

“Ever since I featured on the music video and people started noticing me, my Instagram profile has started getting a lot of followers. This is good, but on the other hand, my Instagram inbox has been flooded with weird messages from people, mostly men.

“I can, however, handle all that added attention because I’ve a strong will and focus,” she said