Under fire Transport Minister, Joran Gumbo has denied that Mavis Gumbo whose plush house is being rented by Zimbabwe Airways is his daughter.

He told MPs that : “The only issue that I can respond to for now, in your presence, in case maybe next time you might not be in the House in May, is that the issue about a house that is said to have been rented and is alleged to be my daughter’s house.  With all due respect, it is not my daughter.

 All Gumbos, cannot be my children, but they can also be relatives to me and there is no problem about that.  After you mentioned about it, I investigated and only discovered that the house being rented by the Zimbabwe Airways was identified through an estate agent and it was not actually because there was a Mr. Gumbo as a Minister and a Gumbo’s house was being rented out, it was identified from an Estate Agent.  So, you can be assured that I had no role to play.  I am as white as snow, regarding issues like that.”