Dr Thokozani Khupe says she is not being used by Zanu PF to divide the opposition vote but is being persecuted for speaking the truth.

 “I am not a Zanu PF supporter and l have never been involved in those things,” she said when asked about allegations that her stance against the MDC Alliance was aiding the ruling party’s designs to remain in power.

“I stand guided by my loyalty to the MDC-T party and such allegations against me are not true.vl am just being persecuted for speaking the truth,” she told The Standard.

Khupe said the alliance in its current form was of no benefit to the MDC.
“Talking about reunification and alliances, the reason why in politics you look for an alliance partner is because you would have realised your deficit,” she said.

“We have always been winning [in Matabeleland] since 2000. So when the idea of an alliance came, l said to the [the late] president [Morgan Tsvangirai] this is a very brilliant idea because there is a place where we have not performed well and that’s where we need a partner.”

She claimed Tsangirai, who died in February after battling cancer of the colon, had relented to her demands to review the MDC Alliance pact.

“The president before he went to South Africa on his last days said to me, you were right we must revisit this thing because I’ve realised that it’s causing confusion,” Khupe said.

“We were in the process of revisiting it to take the document to the national executive, to the national council and up to now that document has never been debated.

“I want an alliance partner who is going to add value to what I have, not somebody who is going to take away what l have and expect me to win. It doesn’t work like that.”