MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa is heading to the UK to address the Oxford Union, the prestigious student debating organisation.

Chamisa will debate Zimbabwe’s ongoing political transition on May 7. Brendan McGrath, assistant to Oxford Union president Gui Cavalcanti, in his invite described Chamisa as “radical and optimistic whose personality and national vision needed to be directed to a global audience”.

“In taking advantage of Zimbabwe’s current transitions… Chamisa has crafted himself into a radically optimistic, charismatic leader to challenge the sedentary pessimism which has prevailed in the country for so long,” McGrath said.

“A visit to the Oxford Union would capitalise on this image, directing his personality and national vision to a global audience, one tuned into Zimbabwe and eager to have their opinions shaped. It would be an honour to welcome him.”

Chamisa’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka told the Daily News that the MDC was humbled by the gesture.
“We are going to take advantage of the invitation to this prestigious speaking platform to have the president articulate his policy direction. It is significant in that it tells that the whole world has been charmed by the Chamisa moment,” Tamborinyoka said.