Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa says Zimbabwe Airways is 100 percent owned by the government. “I wish to categorically state the aeroplane that is outside there is the property and asset of the Government of Zimbabwe. I know speculation has been rife that the aircraft belonged to the former First Family.

“That is wrong and I am here to set the record straight. (Mr) Simba Chikore (President Mugabe’s son-in-law) has no interests in the business, directly or indirectly.”

Chinamasa said Chikore, who was one of the pilots who flew the plane from Malaysia, was initially roped in to offer technical support and assist in negotiating the deal.

“(Mr) Simba Chikore has no shareholding in this plane. We only recruited him to assist us with technical support during the negotiations since he has vast experience in the aircraft industry.”

Zimbabwe Airways was formed to give Air Zimbabwe (Airzim) time to come back to its feet and recover from its debts.