Deputy Finance minister Terence Mukupe beat up a finance director who refused to give him more travel allowances.

Mukupe admitted to the assault charge and was fined $30. Ignatius Mvere said the assault incident took place on March 29 when Mukupe charged at him.

“I immediately stood up from my chair and greeted him, but he did not answer. He moved towards me and I tried to move back but there was no way out. The accused (Mukupe) insulted me saying, ‘you are very stupid, why did you give me less money while travelling to South Africa’?”

Mvere said Mukupe clasped his neck and pushed him against the computer table. “Accused continued to assault and was shouting “usandijairira”.

“Prior to this incident, on March 25, 2018, accused travelled to South Africa on business attending Sadc meetings and returned on March 28, 2018. According to our Treasury circular, I had given him $910 but he insisted I must give him much more than that.

“I could not give him more money since he had no reasonable grounds or a letter from the minister of Finance authorising me to pay him more than what is the Treasury circular,” Mvere said. He said he is now afraid for his life and to work in his office, saying Mukupe had issued threats of using violence against him again in the future.