Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr John Mangudya has said there was nothing amiss about the Zimbabwe Airways planes. He confirmed that the Government had bought the planes.

“The fact of the matter is that the planes were bought for Government and I can confirm that RBZ processed the payments. There was nothing amiss and everything was done above board,” he told The Sunday Mail in an interview.

Earlier in the week, Minister Chinamasa cast aspersions on Air Zimbabwe management, and indicated Government would withhold funding to the national airline until it demonstrated capacity to turn around operations following years of loss-making.

“We have been discussing at length what we can do to turn around the fortunes of Air Zimbabwe, which currently is on its knees.
“We pondered over options and it became clear to me that we could not put more resources into a bottomless pit because that would not serve the purpose that we wanted; a strong airline to service the interests of the country, to bring in forex, to bring in businesspeople, to increase and help revive the economic fortunes of the country.”