Tytan says he is genuinely in love with Olinda and hopes to grow old with her. He rubbished people’s assertions that his marriage to Olinda was meant to siphon money from the businesswoman who claimed to have been sponsoring ex-husband Stunner’s lavish lifestyle.

“We are genuinely in love. No one is using anyone, in fact, we are living the best of our lives. People say a lot of things that suit their minds, they want to be entertained by stories which are mostly scandalous and when things go bad, it’s our lives being wasted while people don’t lose anything, but only their data bundles.”

Tytan said though life is not guaranteed he was looking forward to growing old with his wife Olinda.

“No one has ever got into a relationship or marriage with a mission of breaking up later. We are getting into this so that we can grow older together, we are not looking forward to breaking anytime soon,” he told The Standard.

Tytan said he was never friends with Olinda’s ex, Stunner.  “We are not friends and I have never been friends with Stunner. We have never shared a drink together; he doesn’t know where I stay and I don’t know where he lives. I didn’t know where they stayed with Olinda when they were married. I don’t know his family neither does he know mine.

“Stunner tried to make it seem like we are friends, so that I become a bad friend who snatched a colleague’s wife, but that’s not me. I had never talked to Olinda when she was married to Stunner, but I only met her after they broke up.

“People should not take everything they hear as true, especially what Stunner says. People should understand that they were used by Stunner into believing that we were friends.”