MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa says his government will declare April, an independence month in Zimbabwe.

He told journalists today :”For us, as a day is not enough to accord the befitting veneration to our liberation struggle in which so many of our patriotic sons and daughters paid the ultimate price.

April is therefore an independence month in which we will take part in many activities to celebrate our liberation struggle; the bloody and intractable struggle in which we shed blood to rid the country of oppression, subjugation and racism.

It is in line with that redefinition and rebranding that as a party, we will seek to play a prominent role in all national events including the country’s national Independence Day activities.

National days must be inclusive and must not continue to be arrogated or dominated by a single political party. It is demeaning of our independence to ascribe it to the sole efforts of a political party. It was a struggle by all Zimbabweans that must be celebrated by all.

As I have already said, under our leadership, we will set aside the whole month of April—and not just a single day—to the celebration of our uhuru.
April will indeed be an Independence month.

On elections he said :"Within the context of independence, it is important to restate that the party remains strong and ready to participate in the forthcoming polls. Our liberation struggle was mainly about one-man-one-vote and we stand ready to participate in a truly free, fair and credible plebiscite.

To attest to our readiness, the party’s elections directorate has received CVs from aspiring candidates who wish to stand in the local government and parliamentary polls. We have received a total of 3 911 CVs from aspiring candidates and this attests to the willingness of Zimbabweans to represent the party at both parliamentary and local government level.

Our preparation is well on course and in the next few weeks, we will have a complete panel of candidates that will represent the party at all levels.

We are determined to meet the 50 percent threshold for women and the 20 percent youth quota in line with the constitution and the resolutions of the supreme organs of the party.