Thomas Mapfumo is demanding his five BMWs which were impounded some 18 years ago.

“Our lawyers are working on it, and really it’s a pity that some people, you know, it’s very unfortunate, to start pointing fingers at me like I am a thief. I am not a thief. I didn’t steal from somebody.

“I wasted a lot of money buying those cars, at the end of the day somebody comes up saying these cars are stolen. They were not stolen cars, nobody came forward to say this is my car, it was stolen from me.”

“One of my associates was called by the police to the police station, he was told ‘we want to release Mukanya’s cars’ so they actually made him sign a document. After sometime, he went to see where the cars were parked, the next time he came around, the cars were no longer there, they were sold by a corrupt cop and now we are trying to fight again this whole thing.
“This is corruption, this is what has destroyed our environment, its corruption, a lot of people are corrupt, if we do away with computation, do away with poverty, our people are still living in squalor and yet we are seen dressed in suits driving some cars, a lot of people are suffering,” he told H Metro