Tatenda Karigambe-Sandberg has revealed that she had a miscarriage.
“We hope everyone is doing well in peace and happiness. Just after our wedding in December 2017, we faced real life trauma. It was just like a normal Wednesday evening watching TV with my husband then I started bleeding,” she wrote on her Facebook page last week.

“Yes, we got very sacred and my husband rushed me to the hospital. Later that evening after being admitted in the hospital, we received news from the doctor that we had lost our baby.

“People have been asking what happened to the baby but we were not yet ready to reveal details. I wanna inspire all women who have faced miscarriages that: ‘sometimes in times of tragedy, we find our life’s purpose’ we love you all and makatikoshera mufunge.”

People have been doubting the pregnancy and have been questioning Karigambe-Sandberg on what happened to it as she danced in an unusual manner for pregnant women.