Former Zimra Boss, Gershem Pasi has admitted that the second hand clothes which former First Lady, Grace Mugabe used to donate at her rallies came from Zimra.

“As for the former first lady, the request came through the Office of the President (OPC) saying “Zimra you have lots of goods which are decaying and yet out there, there is drought and all that, could we have some of the goods so that the first lady . . .” So, I looked at the office she occupied and the request having come through the OPC and it made sense to say as first lady, she is the mother of the nation, so it had nothing to do with politics or anything but it was administrative, following procedures which we had previously used to give other charitable organisations.

But he told the Daily News that it was not only Grace who got the clothes. “That’s a simple one because it’s not only the former first lady who received those goods from us. You know, at law, when we confiscate those goods, the commissioner-general is empowered to destroy those goods, if he so wishes. But my view was, we had a lot of those goods coming in, which we were confiscating but you also realise that the country was going through a very difficult time and we invited, through the ministry of Social Welfare, all organisations, orphans, old people’s homes and from time to time, they would come and we would give them those goods.”