Former Afrika Revenge front-man Willis Wataffi says he cut his 20-year-old locks to honour his brother who passed away in January.

 “I cut my hair to pay homage and honour him. I was born in a family of two and where I come from in Mt Darwin, this is called kukachambja. We’re decendents of King Mashayamombe and when you lose a member of your bloodline you pay homage and so in this case my hair was a show of my vanity so I needed to shave it off,” said Wataffi.

I definitely knew it would (affect my brand). I wasn’t going to be reckless and cut my hair because it has a bearing on my brand. That’s why I had to do a shoot and inform the average man on the street who is my boss.

“I know that every change has repercussions and this is why I’m everywhere on social media and radio trying to push my brand. I don’t love the new look but the people that I work for love it so I will keep it for as long as it works.

“No, I don’t miss it. It’s my hair and I will grow it back. It’s something that I just had to do for my culture and that’s what my music is all about, teaching Africans to celebrate and value who they are as a people.

“His death has only started to sink in now. So I’m supposed to remove the hair for as long as I’m grieving and only put it back when I’m feeling better,” said Wataffi.