Sarah Mahoka best known for humiliating then VP Emmerson Mnangagwa at Grace Mugabe rallies says she was sacked by Grace because the former first lady suspected that she had been given money by Prophet Walter Magaya.

She told The Standard :”I had no problem [with her], but Lacoste lied to Mai Mugabe and persuaded her to fire me. But all the people who were fired by Amai Mugabe were retained except me.

Amai Mugabe called me in the presence of Letina Undenge and apologised to me, admitting she had been fooled by people who lied to her. She said she was apologetic because people lied to her.

She said she was told that I was given money by Prophet Walter Magaya, but had realised that I was never given a cent. I was there at church because Mai Mugabe sent someone asking me to go to church, that is why I was at Magaya’s service.

They lied I was given money for hiring buses by Professor Jonathan Moyo, who has since absolved me.

I never had a problem [with the former first lady], but it was Lacoste that advised Amai Mugabe to fire me. That is why Lacoste refused to readmit me when they readmitted others. Amai Mugabe cleared herself.

She said she never pushed for Grace to be the next president. “I even said that day that Mai Mugabe will never rule. I said we never said she will lead the country, but she was the leader of the women’s league.

I am not a fool, am very normal. Why would I say Amai Mugabe should take over when VaMugabe was still in charge?

VaMugabe never wanted to leave power to his wife. Amai Mugabe never said she wanted to rule. If she would have said so, I would have told her that it was impossible.

She remains unapologetic about the Mnangagwa rants “But what I said, if you listen to the video clip, is what eventually happened.

He [Mnangagwa] took power last November, no one voted him into power. I challenged him to come out openly and that he also wanted to be president and that is what he eventually did.

Declaring interest is not a crime, not to lie to people. What I challenged him about is what he eventually did.

I actually want to say it even today. I don’t regret because what I was saying was the truth and even Mnangagwa knows that.

Even today, I always say the truth. Mnangagwa is my brother, I was telling him the truth.

If he thought Mugabe was old, he was in the presidium and he should have told him. He was not saying that, but decided to grab power.