Some 18 pupils at former First Lady, Grace Mugabe’s private high school were illegally benefiting from STEM funds. 

The government has since put a stop to the fees which the Independent said totalled $3 800 per term for each of the 18 pupils enrolled at Amai Mugabe High School.

The Stem programme was meant to benefit pupils attending government, council and mission schools but not elite private schools. Maximum fees the government was required to pay was US$1200 per child per term.

In a year government was paying Amai Mugabe High School a total of $205 200 for the 18 students for three terms.

Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister, Amon Murwira confirmed that government had stopped paying for Stem students registered at private schools.

“All schools that were irregularly benefiting from Stem including private schools, I stopped paying for them without fear or favour. The policy is we do not pay for students enrolled at private schools instead we pay for those enrolled at government, mission or council schools. The policy is that the fees should not exceed US$1 200,” Murwira said.