Prominent publisher, Trevor Ncube says President Mnangagwa should be given a chance to revive the economy.

"I am encouraged by (President) ED and I urge all of us to support him and make tangible his bold declaration that Zimbabwe is open for business,” Ncube said this while presenting a paper at the Accountants and Auditors Conference in Harare.

“Is he (President Mnangagwa) the man at the helm right now who we should be giving a chance? Yes, I believe so, because if (President) Mnangagwa succeeds, we all succeed. So, for us to be praying and grinding that he doesn’t succeed is not what will help us,” he said.

There was palpable optimism in the new political administration in the country, he said.
Mr Ncube however, cautioned that reconstruction would not be an overnight event, but a demanding journey that the country will have to contend with.

“There has been an amazing energy in the country; I don’t know whether you feel it, I feel it; it’s palpable. There is a certain positive sense that tomorrow might be better, but this is only the first of many steps that are required to improve what has been a story of abject failure and hopelessness for several decades,” he was quoted by The Herald as saying.