Ginimbi is said to have cut loose his baby mama and abandoned his child who is now seven years old.

The baby mama, a daughter of a prominent business tycoon from Gutu-Mpandawana, Miye Madondo, has refused to talk about the matter.

“The two had a major fall out with Genius not wanting anything to do with the child whatsoever despite repeated efforts to make his play the role of father in the boy’s life,” a source close to Genius told The Herald.

But Ginimbi is said to have leeched on the wealth of Miye’s life and used the same to start various businesses around gas and energy before abandoning her when her pockets had dried up.

“As soon as she became poorer he left her and it turned out that the businesses, outside of Miye’s knowledge, were in fact registered to Genius’ name and overnight Miye was left with nothing,” added the source.