Lady Storm aka Eriza has dumped her husband of less than two years for a lover who is based in South Africa.

The husband, Tinarwo Gotora has confirmed the news saying he had also been told their four month daughter was not actually his.

The South African lover is a music promoter and businessman. “It’s over between us,” a distraught Tinarwo told H-Metro on the sidelines of a recent family show.

“It’s hard to believe that Lady Storm was cheating on me after all what I did for her when we were still in love. As we speak, she is still in South Africa staying with her lover who told me that I was not Chloe’s biological father.”

“When she left for the South Africa recently, she took the child along. She told me that she was supposed to return shortly after holding live shows. However, I got the shock of my life when they called me together with the man telling me that I was not the paternal father to Chloe.

“I just accepted it since the mother is the best placed person to know the truth. What really pains me most is that she has been cheating on my back when I thought I was not sharing her with another man.”

“I won’t ask her for refunds because it’s a closed chapter. I will leave it to God and I wish them all the best in their union.

“I played my part and it’s nice that I got to learn that I was not the paternal father while it was too early. It was going to be more painful if I had learnt about it when the child was grown up.

“It’s a closed chapter and I will simply move on and open another chapter,” he added