A Bulawayo woman has been nabbed with about 3kg of cocaine. Sheron Tholiwe Tshuma (25) was arrested in a sting operation at the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority offices in the city centre.

Tshuma, who works for an insurance company in the city, received 3,14 kg of cocaine through the post from India, via Harare. She was supposed to send the cocaine to South Africa using omalayitsha.

Following a tip off, cops went to Courier Connect Post offices and identified the parcel.

“Police then monitored the parcel to see who would collect it in Bulawayo. Tshuma first showed up without enough money to pay for the delivery. A week later on Wednesday, she returned with the money and collected the parcel,” the source told The Chronicle.

Tshuma burst into tears when arrested and claimed she had not been aware she was being used as a drug mule.

“Cocaine, which is relatively rare in this country, can fetch anything between $75 and $150 per gramme depending on the grade and market. They came up with two values, $470 000.25 and $313 500,” said the source.

The source said Tshuma is expected to appear in court today.