Campion Mugweni who served time in the USA for fraud and then deported has broken his silence as he fights to represent Zanu PF in Mazowe North.

“This happened 12 years ago and I have since served my time and returned home eight years ago. It is unfortunate that this past is now being used to smear campaign me now when in 2016 I stood for the same post, but lost to the incumbent — (Martin Dinha).

“Because now I have gained ground, some people want to run with this, it is unfortunate. The people of Mazowe know me better and appreciate my works. Let us go to the primary polls without mudslinging of each other and allow Zanu PF structures to decide who is a better person than the other, based on our ability to transform their livelihood and bring the development that Zimbabwe need.”

He told Newsday: “If you look at the charges I faced, they are not an offence in Zimbabwe generally. But, nevertheless, I did my time; I am not a fugitive from justice, but a responsible person. No smear campaign will overshadow the good thing I have done for the Mazowe people.”

Mugweni said on both occasions, State security agents cleared him to contest the polls.
“I have been cleared by all security agents because these issues are circumstantial. I have a police clearance,” he said before producing the same.