Leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG), Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has learnt from media reports that the Hawks are investigating him on allegation of laundering about R15 million monthly to Malawi. 

Ordinarily, we often refrain from issuing rebuttals, but it has become important to set the records straight, since in this case, silence may no longer be golden.     

While there hasn't been any official communication from the Hawks or other related government agencies to this effect, Prophet Bushiri largely welcomes this inquest for it will put to rest the wild allegations that have been making the rounds, often promoted by some faceless group, who are bent on dragging the name of the church and the man of God in the mud.

The Hawk's professionalism would help clear the air and set the records straight.  Clearly, ECG which is one of the fastest growing churches in the world has nothing to hide as it has operated under strict compliance to international best practice and commitment to the laws of the land.

Although, these needless distraction - taken from the play book of the same faceless groups that are uncomfortable with ECG's contribution to the body of Christ, is aimed at slowing us down; our resolve to continue in the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ remains unshaken.

The report which is  clearly a figment of the imagination of the authors, oscillated from an alleged investigations by the Hawks to "claims by members" of the ECG who said they were paid to "fake miracles."  Needless to say that, this allegations falls flat when put to test, as it is the same old claim that is been rehashed.      

The practice in question, clearly negates the spirit and letter of everything the ECG and Prophet Busihiri believes in and there is no way, any entity associated with him can be found indulging in the same.

From inception, ECG has continued to attract over 4000 weekly foreign visitors to South Africa, via its weekly and monthly services. The direct and indirect contributions of these visitors to the South African economy cannot be overemphasised.

Through the SBI group, Prophet Bushiri has also contributed in depopulating the unemployment market in South Africa.  

We are committed to working with any government agency who so wish to look at our books towards.

We are not ignorant of the clandestine moves by some groups and individuals, but, we take solace in the established fact, which says, that, "no matter how far falsehood travels, it would eventually be overtaken by truth."

The truth will surely prevail.