MDC-T president Nelson Chamisa says Zimbabwe has been Shonalised and hoped he would leave a Ndebele President.

“We don’t want the ‘Shonalisation’ of Zimbabwe. My government, our government, the people’s government will respect all tribes, traditions, languages of all our people. We cannot, for example, have the continuation of a situation, for example, where the majority of judges are from Mashonaland . . . this has to come to a stop and we are not apologetic about that. We want a Zimbabwe which reflects who we are as Zimbabweans.

“It should never be about tribe and after my two terms of office, I would love to ensure that I leave a Ndebele president,” he told a rally in Dete yesterday.

He also spoke about the revival of the Ndebele kingship issue.“What is the problem? Let us allow the king to be put in place. It’s all about a people’s culture and tradition. Our cultures and traditions have to be respected, and that way we are going to be stronger as a nation.