Rapper Stunner says there are desperate attempts to break up his relationship with Dyonne after what appeared to have been a photoshopped picture of him naked during a video call appeared on social media.

The picture was posted by one Gwanda woman who claims she has been sleeping with the rapper. The woman claimed she slept with Stunner in Bulawayo recently.

But Stunner said the woman was a liar and the screen shot of a video call was fake. The woman had taken an old Stunner picture and photoshopped it. He did not know how she got hold of his picture.

He said he had only spoken to the woman when she proposed a show in Gwanda. 

Olinda took to Facebook to say that she had been vindicated. But she deleted the post when it emerged the picture was fake.

Stunner said him and Dyonne were not going to be broken up by anybody.