Controversial pastor, Paul Sanyangore says his followers deserted him and he nearly quit after his cousin blew the whistle on his fake miracles.

He said : “The rejection, hatred by the people I thought were closer to me. I suffered to the point that I was afraid to walk and stayed indoors. I thank God for my wife. I think she is stronger than me. She stood by me during that time. If she was someone not strong, she could have left

I thank God for my wife, she was there for me when everyone else left. People I thought were friends left, some could not even pick my calls. The people at heart hurt me the most. It was that moment when Peter denied Jesus. I appreciate everything that happened to me, it made me a better pastor. Christianity is a fight. You fight to get in and fight to stay in.

I got to a point when I said I quit. I told my family zvechurch handichadi. This was too much for me that I went back to stay with my parents semwana mudiki. However, we couldn’t stop praying and prayed harder. I believe it came as a wakeup call for me to pray hard and I did.
It is a calling and I realised the direction to quit was more dangerous than to continue. I’m a survivor. Now I can help others, other pastors. All along I didn’t know how I could be a spiritual father or help junior pastors. I was called fake, called anything and that was more difficult to deal with. However, I’m not the first to be called that. Jesus was called fake throughout his reign, Prophet TB Joshua and now others are in court accused of fake prophecies. So I’m not the first and will not be the last one.

God opened my eyes to see things. I drew positives from the whole incident. Back then I was more of protecting an image, Sanyangore but now I don’t care. I’m now a new person. I died and resurrected. Now it’s about God. That image is gone and all I focus on now is God. Now I believe nothing more will happen to me and injure me more than that incident. This was my cross and I carried it. Now I can preach about Jesus freely.

We rebranded everything. Victory World ran its course and achieved its purpose, the battles we went through. The church is now Life Like Christ Church and we are in Mbare at the Netball Complex. We are doing it slowly unlike what we used to do that is why we have not been marketing or doing conferences. In churches these days there is no child spacing. One group has to grow before another can come in otherwise we will have half-baked congregants."
He was speaking to H Metro.