The estate registered by Elizabeth Tsvangirai at the Master of High Court’s office has only one immovable property at Stand Number 2, Lyndhurst Lane, Strathaven, Harare.

The inventory showed that Tsvangirai owned six vehicles, a Mercedes Benz S350 (ABI 6365); Mercedes Benz GL (ADV 9705); Toyota Prado (ADQ 1536); Isuzu KB300 (ACG 6324); Isuzu KB250 (ACB 8661) and Isuzu KB250 (ACB 8559).

Elizabeth also listed a herd of 45 cattle in Kwekwe and a few others in Buhera as part of the property forming the estate of the late politician.

The Master of High Court has set down the edict meeting for March 27 to appoint an executor dative, who will administer the estate. This followed a request by Elizabeth.

The meeting is also expected to discuss the assets and liabilities of the estate, with attendants identifying potential beneficiaries to the estate.

Nine children — one minor and eight majors — were also listed as the children of the late Mr Tsvangirai. The names are: Edwin, Vimbai, Millicent, Miriro, Ethen, Garikai, Rumbidzai, Vincent and Richard.