Former Oliver Mtukudzi publicist, Shepherd Mutamba has written a second edition of his tell all book, Tuku Backstage. The first edition angered Tuku who raged at Mutamba. 

The book, according to Mutamba, details Tuku’s relationship with former President Robert Mugabe and follows up on his alleged son – Selby. The new book also acknowledges recent efforts by Tuku and his daughters Selmor and Sandra, to repair their acrimonious relationship following their fallout in 2012 after Selmor slammed her father as a slipshod dad.

An excerpt from the chapter titled Selby: The Follow-Up reads: Selby said that Tuku is his father and that they related well. “Daddy has never said to me that he isn’t my father. I’ve never heard him say that to me. He pays for my college fees. People, you’re failing to ask the right questions; why is it that I live with Tuku’s sister (in Eastlea) if I’m not Tuku’s son or in Highfield (Tuku’s childhood home)?”

In the first book Tuku vehemently denied Selby’s paternity. “Some of the exclusive pictures in the chapter Politics show Tuku at his premises on different occasions, hosting Mugabe’s special office aides and the top brass from the police, state security and the military; men widely viewed as Mugabe’s accessories to tyranny,” wrote Mutamba.

“Tuku claims so strongly to be apolitical, why then did he surround himself so closely with so many of Mugabe’s feared men, from the police, state security and military sectors, whose offices acted against the will of the people of Zimbabwe? The book expresses the political purpose of artists to keep our leaders in check.”

An excerpt from the chapter titled Tuku Gave Mugabe Thumbs Up reads: “Tuku finally chose 2016 to openly support president Robert Mugabe and the ruling ZANU PF party when the superstar went to entertain him at a campaign rally held at the Robert Mugabe Square in Harare. Tuku’s association with Mugabe and his wife Grace started with small gifts that the musician received from the then First Family.

“The more gifts Tuku received, the closer he became to Zimbabwe’s ruler and the ruling party until such time, in 2016, that he could no longer keep the association with President Mugabe a secret.”

On why he has taken interest in writing about Tuku, his former publicist responded: “I am publishing because as a writer, I am compelled to tell stories about our lives, circumstances and work and immortalise the narratives and photographs in book form and that to me is a huge and priceless responsibility.”