Can this picture remind you that whatever you're going through shall pass. When I was having chemotherapy it was the most difficult time for me and my family.

 Sipa Bamala was there throughout watching her daughter fight for her life, Jst Lungelo was too sweet when she couldn't taking watching me in so much pain she left the chemotherapy lounge and went to wait outside, Roni Musambasi held my hand through surgery number 2, I was so scared I won't wake up but she was so brave, she waited till I fell asleep and at 6am she was back at my bedside.

Anthony Musambasi picked me up every blessed day to take me for radiation, He waited through the process and he even learnt how to knit (all the little white ladies were eager to teach him how to knit a scarf, Bishop Bishop Andile Musambasi stormed heaven with prayers, calling whenever he could and texting.

My dad one morning walked into my room a day after chemotherapy with tears in His eyes , He prayed Mwari ndimi munotigonera. We all didn't know how I was going to get out of it