A Harare woman, Rumbidzai Mugabe has spoken of how she met another woman with the same condition like her.

She was in Raffingora when she was stopped by Amantha’s mom. “She asked me about my condition, I gave her my number and said we could talk more because the commuter was full up and I had to dash.

Then just last week I was buying stock in Pick'n'Pay @village and a lady walked up to me and asked me again and said she had a friend with the same condition, i gave her my card so she could pass it on to her friend "who happened to be Amantha. Would you believe that we had been planning to meet Amantha and these two women knew her. When God wants you to meet someone, you will meet them and there’s nothing that can stop it.

Its difficult to find people that understand your struggle unless they are going through it. I am happy met her.