President Mnangagwa says he was not happy with reports that former president Robert Mugabe and his wife have been instrumental in the formation of the G40 political party.

He told the Zanu PF youth League :”Currently in the media we get speculation & we are not happy with media reports about what the former president is reported to be doing. But we will get the facts. Remember! The voice of the people is the voice of God.

"If the voice of the people says this is wrong, we also say this is wrong. We must be peaceful and loving.

"While we pay homage to former president Mugabe, we now need to look into the future. We must introspect and recalibrate with our values."

Mnangagwa said his party was set to romp to victory in the elections “We need to mobilise the youth into the social, political and economic affairs of the country. You have a right to be heard."